Live For Live Music
The Bowery Electric
Fri May 17 @ 6:30 PM
21 and up
$12.00 Buy Tickets
Teddy at Night 
Whether you cry when you’re drunk or scream at the bar for the hungover, raspy voice, Teddy will be there to help you not regret it. While playing other people’s music internationally for ten years, Teddy crafted his own sound after hours under the neon lights. Teddy’s found his place in the unlikely town of Nashville, TN. Teddy is currently crafting his full-length debut record of stadium-sized, pop-infused ballads with choruses that you’ll have no choice to sing-along to. Whether you’re closing down the last bar or stuck in your mom’s basement, his music will be there with you. That’s probably why Teddy doesn’t sleep at night; you could blame the night terrors, but you know it’s your fault.


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