Thu January 1 @ 12:00 AM
All Ages
NEWBORN KINGS are an energetic alt-rock band out of the NYC metro area. Edgy, uptempo rock sound with super creative songwriting and lyrics. They deliver energy and presence with each and every performance, not because they have to but because the music is within them screaming to get out. They even perform covers like you've never heard them but you can still sing along of course. Never a dull moment with these guys!

LoveDeep NYC-based LoveDeep is best described as an authentic rock and roll band. Inspired by the Grateful Dead, funk and the blues, the band has one mission - to make you dance. The group has played NYC clubs regularly for over five years and is excited to kick off the “LoveDeep 2.0” era with the addition of a virtuoso rhythm guitarist and powerhouse female vocalist to its ranks. Will the world be ready?