The Map Room
Sun December 10 @ 6:30 PM (Doors: )
21 and up
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STEPNECK aka “step on my neck” —— (a phrase used by the queer gen-z to express that someone is super hot), comes to you with “ alt, dance, queer, space, pirate, hooligan, rock” it’s the best descriptor for what they do. The band is affectionately know as the “lex band” because they were formed from an ad posted on the app. They aim to give you the alt experience though a black queer lens and keep you grooving wherever they are.

SYNTAX is a progressive fusion project led by NYC-based drummer and composer Avery Logan. The band synthesizes a broad range of influences from jazz, funk, hip hop and electronic music with an interest in rearranging the building blocks of contemporary music in fresh and unexpected ways.

Right Chipper 
“DC band, Right Chipper is a bombastic Mathrock Duo. Drawing influences from progressive bands like Floral and Standards, Right Chipper fuses complex time signature exploration with catchy, pop punk melodic sensibilities. The duo consisting of Knox Engler on guitar and Lucas Kirby on Drums formed in the Spring if 2023 and have been relentlessly shredding ever since. Right Chipper aims to bring unmitigated joy to the listener through a listening experience that is meant to stretch ones ear while remaining fun and accessible.”