The Roscoes
Map Room at Bowery Electric
Sat June 3 @ 6:30 PM (Doors: )
21 and up
$10.00 Sold Out
The Roscoes
The Roscoes are a indie/alternative rock band branching from Boston, MA as well as Manchester, UK. As childhood friends they resided in the basement writing with inspiration of 60s rock/psychedelic until their lead singer Christian Hatfield made his move to the UK at a very young age. The Roscoes became an item for years in the north of England with new members accompanying Hatfield until Covid-19 forced Hatfield back to his home in Boston. He brought back his years of immersion of the North of England to his writing, resulting in angry/matured poetry prioritizing wordplay of the struggles that was witnessed by the ‘average Joe’. They tell tales of the common outlets the majority find to emotionally survive and stay in ensemble through hardships of the world crafted against them. Their diverse songs have been described as punchy, bouncy, hard hitting, ballad-esq and puts you through the very ups and downs we face cognitively throughout our day to day in the 21st century.

Filipino-American indie pop artist spiritually raised in the 80s.  Strongly influenced by the likes of WALK THE MOON, The Band CAMINO, The 1975, Dayglow, joan, LANY, and HONNE.

Under Culture
Under Culture is modern rock with a rootsy feel!  With edge, bite & heart, Under Culture is passionate for music, dedicated to fans and drawn to the wild. Prepare to be moved!