Morris Madrone
with Hue Hinton
The Bowery Electric
Sat September 30 @ 5:30 PM
21 and up
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Morris Madrone is an American singer, songwriter, and producer from Venice, CA. As a one-man-band, he performs everything from deep dance tracks to soulful rock ballads, performing multiple instruments live, looping live and performing to backing tracks. Madrone prides himself on his versatility as an artist, transcending numerous styles and genres. In the words of a fan - “if Bowie, Prince, and Calvin Harris had a baby, and Elvis, The Doors, and Daft Punk had a baby, and those babies had a baby… you’d get Morris Madrone… His sound truly is a contagious medley of old and new.”

Hue Hinton
Hue Hinton is a dynamic and independent artist, producer, and songwriter based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hue has been establishing a presence in the Philadelphia Indie scene since 2021, performing in-and-around the city on bills with other established Philadelphia acts. In just 2 years of recording, Hue has refined as well as expanded his melancholy, psychedelic-infused, alternative music.

From opening for Flo Rida at Drexel University's Dragonfly Concert as well as opening for acclaimed acts, The Orphan The Poet and Moontower, at the esteemed Milkboy Philadelphia, Hue Hinton has proven his mettle as a dynamic live performer. His latest release, "Bittersweet," serves as a testament to his evolving artistry. The track has been featured on Cage Riot’s New Music Friday and Indie Rising playlists and has amassed over 10,000 streams within the initial two months of its release.