Serious Matters
Map Room at Bowery Electric
Mon March 20 @ 6:30 PM (Doors: )
21 and up
Just One Branch a band based in Brooklyn. We make non-religious-religious-alternative-gypsy-grunge music, and that’s about it.

Jadeworm everyone is a worm trapped inside a body, and here at jadeworm industries we believe that every worm deserves to be liberated from their bodily prison through squirmy and sensitive music.

Serious Matters based in Union Beach, New Jersey, Alternative/Post-Hardcore group Serious Matters is ready to emerge from their thriving local scene into national prominence.  Debuting in 2016, they have been steadily gaining a devoted fan base thanks to their emotionally charged performances and willingness to confront heavy topics head on in their songs. After home recording their first few demos, guitarists Kenny Byles and Criss Madd Jr. recruited singer Matt Sandelman to begin work on their debut EP ‘Can You See The Sky From Here.’  Recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn, the EP established the band as a serious local talent with the ambition to become something much bigger.  Joined by drummer Dariyan Kelton, the band signed with New York based record label Manic Kat Records and quickly got to work on their  EP ‘Through It All.’  Riding a wave of momentum, they embarked on a cross country tour that brought the band closer together and introduced them to new audiences across the nation.