Gavon Mitchell
with SeineSation
The Map Room
Sat September 9 @ 6:30 PM (Doors: )
21 and up
Gavon Mitchell is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Westchester NY. After studying Opera for two years in at the Manhattan School of Music, he left to pursue his solo music career. Gavon has currently released his debut single, "Fault of The World" and is working on future releases.

SeineSation is a rising new singer, songwriter who is breaking the mould of traditional songwriting and lives in between many genres. Her music is a refreshing listening experience and has an intimate sound that resonates with her listeners. The talented artist has recently unveiled her latest EP, 'Glimpse' brings in old world atmospheric musical energy and meshes it with new age pop to create an immersive experience woven with lyrical ballads. In these 4 songs SeineSation takes us on a journey to see the past, stop in the world of dreams and finally get out to live the meaning of this life. The genre-bending four-track offering showcases SeineSation's versatility as she incorporates elements of folk, pop, rock, and indie into her soundscapes.  At the core of this project lies her exceptional songwriting and introspective lyricism.