The Bowery Electric
Wed December 27 @ 6:30 PM (Doors: )
21 and up
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Moderate Rock are inciting tinnitus and providing sonic solace to factions of NYC youths since 2017. Post post punk jams. Bass: Ricky Diamond | Guitar/Words: Nik Yilmaz | Guitar/Keys/Ambience: Aidan Oconnor | Drums: Chris Conlon

Rich Townsend & the Magnificent NighTrain breathes soul into classics and new age tunes while keeping everything a bit swampy and spooky. Armed with a multitude of horns, harmonicas and insane piano playin’, it’s pure energy from start to finish. The band began to take shape in early 2018 composing of initially just Rich Townsend singing and on the piano, T-Bone Motta from Public Enemy playing drums and Chris Range on alto sax performing for all sorts down in smoky Irish bar basements and late night clubs all around NYC. Now it’s blossomed with a full bench of horn players, fiddle players, guitars, upright bass players… NighTrain is a full spectrum blues experience.

Aaron Abramowitz is edgy, genre-bending art rock with a hearty piano center. Inspired by everything from Billy Joel to Bob Dylan to Phoebe Bridgers.