Dirty Old Gangsters
with Koronettes, Blue Rumor, Em & The Fates
The Bowery Electric
Wed May 17 @ 6:30 PM (Doors: )
21 and up
Dirty Old Gangsters (DOG) is an NYC-based, guitar-driven, have-a-good-time, in-your-face hard rock band, fusing elements of punk, glam, and classic rock to create a familiar, fun, and original sound. The bizarre and diverse personalities and musical backgrounds of DOG’s members is what creates the raw edge, sense of humor, style, and “go f-ck yourself” attitude that makes the DOG Crew so special.

Koronettes Bastian (vocals & guitar), Logan (vocals & bass) and Rachel (vocals & drums) are the trio behind Koroettes. Jamming together around New York City since 2019 they combine singer-songwriter qualities with indie, alternative and rock music. They released projects together and separately, including Rachel Bard’s latest single ‘The Buildings Are Fake’.

Gabriel Mayers Band
Gabriel Mayers is a singer/songwriter and busker from Brooklyn, New York. He has been featured in the New Yorker, starred in a Vh1 reality television series, been featured on The Marvelous Ms Maisel and his original song, ‘Sixty Charisma Scented Blackbirds’ has over 1 million streams worldwide.

Em & The Fates led by dynamic front-woman Emily Kron, Em & The Fates is a New York-based septet delivering soulful three-part harmonies while fusing the best of soul-fuNK, motown and R&B. With a sound invoking at one moment The Supremes and the next Amy Winehouse, Em & The Fates is a stylistic throwback rooted in contemporary lyrics & themes, addressing questions of identity, gender, spirituality, heartbreak and self-love.