with MPC, Slumpwick Grummo, Sylvia Blair
The Map Room
Mon October 2 @ 6:30 PM (Doors: )
21 and up
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Slumpwick Grummo emerged from the seventh era of the Electronic Slump, tricking its listeners into shredding their own savings with slack-jaw melodies and deeply uncomfortable rhythms.

MCP is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician based in the Bronx. Honest storytelling, playful melodies, poorly timed jokes, and powerful vocal timbre are all signature characteristics of MCP's live shows. Allow her to take you on a journey into her strange little life of heartbreak and hope, great loss and great love.

Brouillet is the dream child of Bob Bruya, a blend of his eclectic influences and a realization of them into one sound. Brouillet is the original spelling of Bruya, and means to scramble in French, or drizzle when speaking about rain. Bob grew up in Ellensburg WA, a rural desert town in the American West. He heard country music every day on the school bus, had a father who is a jazz trumpet player, and started playing upright bass in youth orchestras at the age of 8. After high school, he moved to Miami on a full ride music scholarship to the University of Miami, and aside from studying composition in school was influenced by the club and Caribbean music scenes present in the city. Now based in New York, all is coming together as Brouillet develops - the first project dropped this fall and more music is due this summer. 

Sylvia Blair is a singer/songwriter based in NYC. She is influenced and inspired by artists such as Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, and Sara Bareilles, and has been experimenting on the piano for as long as she can remember. Her style lies between indie-pop and anti-folk with a hint of theatricality.