Madame Daley
with Dizzy & The Drapes
The Map Room
Wed September 20 @ 6:30 PM (Doors: )
21 and up
Madame Daley
Named after the song “Madame George” off Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks, Madame Daley comes to life alongside her Starchild Band. Madame Daley is the stage persona of Madison Daley, an instrumentalist and vocalist from the sunshine state Madame Daley exists at the intersection of Madison’s love for glamorous fashion and gritty rock n roll, her affinity for drag queens and broadway musicals, her nostalgia for the Daley family’s multi-generational history with the city of New York, her all out devotion to the music legends of the 20th century and her never ending appreciation for the power of women and femininity. Working with Plaid Dog Recording in Boston, Daley crowdfunded and recorded the debut single "Annie Sing Your Heart Out Anyway" in early 2020. The debut EP “Classic” was released to a sold out crowd in August 2022 alongside the Starchild Band.

Sarah-Anjali is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter, who is embracing the power of music as a guiding force. Shaped by the empowering, unifying, and improvisational spirit of jazz, folk, and world music – Sarah-Anjali's intention is to offer insight on how we can heal. For Sarah-Anjali, music is a way into understanding your true needs, discovering your place in the world. A way into reclaiming our power.