Map Room at Bowery Electric
Sun April 2 @ 6:30 PM (Doors: )
21 and up
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Abel is a lo-fi rock band based in Columbus, Ohio.  From the beginning, Abel has been a DIY bedroom and basement project, bringing in raw textures and production as a staple point in the music released.  This rawness and honesty is transposed directly in the bands’ shows in houses, basements, and small venues, creating an exciting and personal listening atmosphere wherever they go.  With two full-lengths, two EP’s, and many singles under their belt, Abel plans to have an exciting future continuing to grow with a 2023 release, whilst continuing to play locally and in surrounding states and cities.

Junebug is an indie folk/rock project created by Cambridge, MA-hailing artist Carolyn Fahrner. Her creative talent started to shine through at the age of 12 when she started writing music and performing at various venues in Boston. Before making her Junebug debut with, ‘cut you loose’, she fronted and remains an active member in the indie rock band 2% Milk. Junebug continues to collaborate with members of the band. Junebug, with the help of friends, released her debut EP titled ‘Turncoat’ in June 2021. The EP explored the growing pains that come with coming of age and share the experience of coming out as queer. Now, Junebug is gearing up for an end of summer single release.

Trinket is a new jangle pop band from Brooklyn, NY. They briefly played under the moniker First Crush before changing their name.

The music and band is comprised of songwriters lead singer and rhythm guitarist Madison Kate Proffitt, lead guitarist Sean Camargo (also of band S.C.A.B. ) bassist Nara Avakian (of Nara's Room) and drummer Basil Lee. 

Trinket loves Haribo peach gummies, shoegaze, and the 1980’s record label Sarah Records.