Beauty In The Machine, Monsters on the Horizon, Rare Form, Asha

Beauty In The Machine, Monsters on the Horizon, Rare Form, Asha

Wed · July 17, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


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Beauty In The Machine
Beauty In The Machine
Beauty in the Machine is more that just a music group. It’s more than just the duo you see, the music you hear, and the visuals you experience. Beauty in the Machine (BITM) is a story. A story of a multi-platinum recording artist and prolific producer and how they came together to create a world set in the future. A world where stories are told about love, passion, heartbreak and ultimately survival.
Monsters on the Horizon
Monsters on the Horizon
"Monsters on the Horizon’s (MOTH) maximal blend of Trip-Hop, Punk, Trap, Pop and
Rock further blur the lines between genres, striking a perfect balance between
darkness and enlightenment. The collective is comprised of Steven Narvaez (The
R.O.A.R.), Rashawn Wilkinson (BLKZEN), Carina Zachary (Lone Wolf) and Kevin
McAdams aka Baby Head, who have shrouded their personal identities in mystery to
reclaim their creative power: Their music is and always will be the loudest and most
powerful energy in the room.
Brewing underground for the past two and a half years, the collective's non-
conformist essence gained momentum organically, slowly unlocking and channelling
the real power that lied within their individual selves. ""Before anything else: Our
primary focus, with everything we do, is to impress each other."" – Lone Wolf shares
on the collective's creative process.
MOTH's mood board is real life. Warping convention in every form they see fit is at
the very core of the bands ethos. Opting to not subvert their creative spirit to New
York's promotional circuit, and it's vapidness of meaning, when the time came to
present themselves to the world, they decided to do it on their own terms.
""Ritual"", were a series of carefully curated immersive performances cultivated by the
members of the band. Held in secret, only a small batch of handpicked guests were
summoned to be put under MOTH's spell. Inspiring others to let loose of self-
imposed limitations and just have fun, increased the bands following birthing a
movement of their own. Over the past year, the band has performed in all sorts of
unconventional locations, such as thrifts stores and haunted Ships, culminating on
being selected to perform at an Afropunk event at the legendary Knitting Factory.
""Mr. Scary"", released on a Friday the 13th, encapsulated the bands urge to resist the
temptation of becoming complacent in an unrealistic system. The group will continue
their dazzlingly prolific, creative streak with their new release. Speaking on the
grittier, more challenging corners of their mind, such as anxiety and depression, over
a sugar-coated pop-melody, ""Blurry"" is the bands new single, and a sample of what's
to come.
""We can still keep the integrity to speak about the things that we want to talk about"" ""It's a pop melody, but the lyrics themselves are very dark.""– Lone Wolf comments
on the single.
You can either become the status quo, or dispute it. MOTH is living proof on how a
band can redefine the status quo, and successfully flourish by putting their interests,
and those of their community, in the first place. Which one are you going to be?"
Asha is a Brooklyn-based one-woman audio machine. She's a songwriter, composer, producer and performer who has been in the New York scene for years. She is a classically trained pianist and composer that shifted to beat making after graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in Music and Technology. She hopes to inspire more girls to get involved in the behind the scenes aspects of music. More female producers opening doors for more female producers.
Venue Information:
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003