Sync It Up NYC with Blssom, Los Hollywood, Di.WAV, Neysa Blay, Erick Elera + Special Guest Mr. Tropical

Sync It Up NYC with Blssom, Los Hollywood, Di.WAV, Neysa Blay, Erick Elera + Special Guest Mr. Tropical

Tue · July 9, 2019

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Blssom: a blooming New York-based Latin alternative duo

Pop, rock, dance, tropical music, and many other influences converge in the music of a new Latin alternative project: Blssom. Formed in New York City by Carlos Marin and Patricia Cornejo, the band puts together energetic live shows that take the audience emotions into a rollercoaster, blending all sorts of musical influences without any prejudice, just for the sake of making the music they love.

Alma Paraiso is the very first single released by Blssom. The song is just the first sneak peek from a total of five songs recorded at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn and produced by Didi Gutman (BrazilianGirls, C+C Music Factory, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Gustavo Cerati).

The story of Blssom goes back several years in time, when Patricia posted an online ad asking for musicians who were interested in developing a new and fresh musical project. “I have always been very shy and at the time I was always locked in my bedroom writing lyrics and melodies. One day I decided I would give it a try to go out and sing those songs in front of an audience; but I needed a creative partner. Carlos was the one who answer the post and from that moment on we developed a friendship and a creative partnership that eventually became Blssom” says Cornejo, the lead singer.

“I think we complement each other on multiple levels. I came to New York from Colombia when I was still a teenager, and after finishing my studies I started playing with different bands all over the city. I played hard rock; jazz… all sorts of music. I even made music for TV shows and advertisement. But when I met Pati I found the creative partner I was looking for to make honest and sincere music that came from within our hearts”, says Carlos Marin, co-writer, co-producer, and bass player in Blssom.

Blssom started playing several months ago in New York, and all along the and they have improved their songwriting skills and production methods. “Sometimes Patricia brings an almost finished song – with lyrics and melody – and I help her

with the harmony and the structure. Sometimes we start with a harmonic cycle or a percussion sequence. We don’t actually have a fixed way of writing music, so we wanted to find the same freedom and compatibility in a producer and that’s what we found in Didi Gutman”, adds Carlos.

The production of the first five songs by Blssom took several months, but the result is outstanding. There is a place in those recordings for all of the influences and music traditions brought to the table by a Colombian and a New Yorker born to Bolivian parents.

“When I was a little girl I used to listen to all sorts of music”, says Patricia. “My dad used to play the guitar and he used to give me keyboards and other music instruments for me to play. He used to listen to boleros and classic rock, and in high school I got interested in Sade, Björk, Carlos Santana, Selena Quintanilla… everything was very eclectic at home”.

As its name indicates, the music of Blssom blooms as it is heard. “We have tried several names, but this one is the one that we liked the most; it is related to nature, to the growth of things,” says Marin.

Besides music writing and production, Carlos Marin and Patricia Cornejo are in charge of designing all of their graphic pieces. For more information on Blssom visit
Erick Elera
Erick Elera (Lima, 1983) is one of the most popular and beloved artists in Peru, with a long career in both music and television. His fame and charisma transcend borders, taking him to several Latin American countries, as well as to the United States, Italy and Japan.

This time Erick Elera brings his new album, the first in the Urban Latin genre, called Vamos Pa'Lante. This new project was produced by Manuel Garrido-Lecca and Edú Olivé (both Latin Grammy nominees), has songs written by important composers such as Mario Cáceres, Periko Almeida and Patrick Ingunza, and has appearances by important international artists, such as Los Rabanes.

Erick Elera rose to fame as part of La Joven Sensación orchestra over 15 years ago. Then there were continuous musical successes, participating in some of the most important tropical groups in the country, such as Los Hermanos Yaipén, and a collaboration with Salserín. In his role as an actor he reached popularity with the successful series Al Fondo Hay Sitio, the highest rated show in Peru and with a great following in countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, El Salvador and the Peruvian community in the United States. Currently Erick Elera is the protagonist of the series De Vuelta Al Barrio.

Erick Elera has recently released two video clips as part of his new album, the singles Vamos Pa'Lante (along with the Venezuelan MC Samy Hawk) and Hasta La Luna (with Los Rabanes). Thanks to the initial impact that the album had, Erick Elera signed with the label Afónico Music, and now the album is distributed by Sony Music Latinoamerica.
Daniela Carpio Fischer better known by her stage name Di WAV, is a Guatemalan singer-songwriter, model, TV Host and producer. Her music has emerged as a fusion of pop, retro and experimental sounds. Carpio sings both in English and Spanish.
Neysa Blay
Neysa Blay
Love, heartache, human behavior, interpersonal relationships and existencial questions are an endless source of inspiration for Neysa Blay, a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter who decided to use her music as a vehicle for transmitting valuable messages and telling compelling stories, instead of trying to fit into the current landscape of urban oriented Latin pop.
Born in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, Blay was raised in a home where music was a constant presence. Her parents supported her intentions to sing, even from a tender age.
“There was always some music playing in my house all the time. My parents had this bunch of bohemian friends who used to play guitar and sing after a couple of rum shots. I used to sing along with them, so my love for music grew in a very natural way”, she says.
Her first influences included Puerto Rican and Latin female artists such as Ednita Nazario, Yolandita Monge, Daniela Romo, Paloma San Basilio, and Rocío Dúrcal. As well as women in the American 90’s Alternative music scene like Alanis Morissette, Gwen Stefani (No Doubt), Meredith Brooks, Natalie Imbruglia, and Fiona Apple. “Female artists are still my biggest influence, especially those who have something important to say. I’ve heard a lot of music but I always end up coming back to female singers with a clear message”.
And that is precisely what Neysa Blay is putting out on the five songs included on first EP, Destrúyeme, available on all digital platforms in September 2018, under the distribution of Sony Music Entertainment US Latin.
Ojos de Diamante is the first single from Destrúyeme, a love song that dwells on the sweet sensations you get to feel at the beginning of a romantic affair. “For Ojos de Diamante I called Xavo Rodríguez – the singer of the Puerto Rican band Índigo – after years and years wanting to work with him. And I got so excited with the sound and the lyrics that I immediately decided it should be the first single”, says the artist.
The songs included on Destrúyeme were mostly written by Neysa Blay and produced by Mathin Chan, A&R of Miami-based indie label Afonico Music. “A couple of years ago I’d spend a lot of time making phone calls and writing e-mails to every person I could reach within the music industry, looking for a partner to help me develop my career. Marthin Chan was the first one to answer. He said: “I heard your music, you should come to the studio and we could give it a try to see what happens”. And from that moment on we build a friendship based on creativity, mutual respect, and hard work. Marthin provided me a safe creative space where I could be free; and for the very first time in my life I feel completely satisfied and happy with the music we created together. It’s been a long process, it took me two years to write and produce these songs but it was definitely worth it”, says Blay.
Traerte Aquí, Destrúyeme, Mundo Extraño, Ya No Pienses Más and Ojos de Diamante are the songs chosen by Neysa Blay to hit Latin indie market for the very first time, showing the audience a unique talent that has been polished through years and years of work. Probably Neysa Blay will become a familiar name among the growing artistic community of Puerto Rico, Miami and Latin America in the months to come.
For more information about Neysa Blay and Destrúyeme visit o contact and
Los Hollywood is a Rock Pop Band formed in 2008 by Heidy Flores (Vocalist/guitarist) and Gustavo Mojica (Drummer/Songwriter) Los Hollywood have shared the stage with bands like Jarabe de Palo, La Ley, Aterciopelados, Enanitos Verdes etc. They have played in different states such as New York (LAMC), Miami (The Forum with La Ley), CHICAGO (Ruido Fest), Bogota, Colombia (Festival Centro), Mexico City, LA and more. Los Hollywood will launch their third EP called "III" having "Feel Good" as their first single.
Mr. Tropical
Mr. Tropical
Mr. Tropical, artist arriving from the fifth dimension from unexplored origins, is the leader of a light & love - movement that engages in the integration of diverse music genres as well as social media content in what he describes as the Tropical Psicodelia.

Old wisdom is shared with the help of different sensory channels: music, flow, gnomes and extraterrestrial beings.

His visit to our earth (the Third Dimension), comes with a mixture of music, videos produced by the Senior Producer from The Simpsons, Gate Opening - events, virtual reality and multiple collaborations in such cities as the Mexico City, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Guatemala, Colombia and more.

The parties carry key elements like coconut water, palm trees and joy for the heart, body and soul.
Venue Information:
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003