The Shirts and Shoes, Passive Aggressive, Pat Hull, Warren Malone

The Shirts and Shoes

Passive Aggressive

Pat Hull

Warren Malone

Sun · July 21, 2019

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

The Shirts and Shoes
The Shirts and Shoes
Boston based hard rock band who hate pants.
Passive Aggressive
Passive Aggressive
Passive Aggressive is a 5 piece rock band consisting of Ryan Palmer on rhythm guitar, Greg Stewart on bass guitar, Jacob Schirripa on lead guitar, Nick Grasso on drums, and Boris Konyukhov on saxophone with original music from the band created by Palmer/Stewart. With musical inspirations ranging from the 60s British Invasion to modern day psychedelia, the band tries not to conform towards one musical genre, but to simply create enjoyable music, fluctuating fluently from fast paced dance songs into lighthearted pop crowd pleasers followed by classic rock summer time music and ending shows with a sense of connection between their music and their audiences. When Passive Aggressive is not playing shows they can be seen making ends-meet street performing inside of New York City subways where their harmony between voices and chemistry amongst each other take on a much more raw form acoustically while still fulfilling that which is desired by all five members, to simply make people happy with their music.
Pat Hull
Pat Hull
"Pat Hull is a singer-songwriter from Connecticut currently based out of Chico, CA. His music intertwines a melodic, soulful, counter-tenor vocal range with a unique finger picking style, creating a dreamy landscape with unpredictable hooks and turns. Pat’s newest releases, ‘Sera,’ ‘Denmark Sessions’ and ‘Marrow’ showcase his delicate yet raw ability to compose, sing, write, and perform. 

Prior recordings include ‘Light’ and ‘Shed Skin,‘ recorded and produced in Bennington, VT with engineer, JJ Beck and vocalist, Michael Chinworth. This collaborative effort brought a vocally and lyrically charged center to Pat’s songwriting, and displayed a collection of songs with a detailed and complex configuration of supporting instrumentation."
Warren Malone
Warren Malone
New York Based Singer/Songwriter Warren Malone
Is Originally From Manchester England. He Loves To Sing,
He Loves To Write Songs And He Loves To Play Guitar.
He Loves Traditional Folk Music As Much As He Loves A Great Pop Song.
He Loves His New Album And He Doesn’t Care Who Knows It.
He Does Not Love Writing Bio’s And Pretending To Be A Third Party.
He Loves A Good Audience, He Hates Stupid Pop Stars With Shades,
He has A Fear Of Being Falsely Accused, He’s Done Some Bad Things,
He Tries To Be Good, He Loves To Sing, He Sings All Day Everyday,
The First Record He Ever Put On Was A Hank Williams Record He Was 4 Yrs Old,
As A Kid He Loved Elvis, He Used To Draw And Sometimes Still Carries A Sketchbook.
He Loves Mexican Food, He Lived In San Francisco For 5 Years And It Changed Him Forever,
He Can Cook But Only If It Involves Just 1 Pan, He Loves Beer But Tries Not To Drink It
He Loves Fiddle Tunes, He Loves Duets With Mandolin And Guitar,
He Loves To Hear Great Harmony singers And Has Fantasized About Being The High Lonesome
Singer In A Bluegrass Band, He Has Been High and Lonesome
He Has Made Some Promises He Knew He Couldn’t Keep
He Knows He Has Some Secrets But He Can’t Remember What They Are
He Hates Cool People, He Will Let You Know If He Likes You
He Loves His Family
He Remembers Things From His Past But Doesn’t Know If They Really happened,
He Loves To Sing
He Can’t Believe he Didn’t End Up In Jail, He’s Played A Lot Of Gigs, He’s Played A lot Of Street Corners
He’s Had To Talk To A Lot Of Strangers, His Parents Met When His Father Was In Prison
Thats A whole Other Story, It Would Be A Great Movie Actually
Youth, Violence, Crime, Singing, Prison, Love, Jealousy, Family, Murder And More Singing
He Loves Repetition, He Loves His New Album And He Doesn’t Care Who Knows It.
Venue Information:
The Map Room at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003