August Wells, Jaye Bartell

August Wells

Jaye Bartell

Wed · January 23, 2019

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

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August Wells
August Wells
Prodigious songwriters and composers, Griffin and Rauchenberger’s Big Apple-based band have quickly gained recognition for their intelligent, reflective and soulful refrains. August Wells' debut album 'A Living and a Dying Game' was released in August 2014, the band joined forces with Irish Independent label 'Forever In Financial Arrears' (FIFA Records) in early 2015 and to date have released two singles on the label. 'Here In the Wild' was released in April of 2015.
‘Here in the Wild’ is a sumptuous piece of music by Ken Griffin (Rollerskate Skinny,Kid Silver and Favourite Sons), and New York pianist John Rauchenberger, with their new band August Wells. A thoughtful, piano and string-drenched track bears the wistful hallmarks of songwriters whose place in a weary world is tempered by the acceptance of some of its fateful twists.
'Come On In Out of That Night' was released in August of the same year. 'Come On In Out Of That Night' once again has the deep lilt of Griffin's voice combined with the sound of Rauchenbergers piano arrangements, add to that Louis Schwadron (Radio Head & Grizzly Bear) and Griffins uplifting brass arrangements which are accented by fat choruses contrasting with the deep twisted vocal. The result is a an elegant three minutes of lustrous music tinged with melancholia yet bathed in hope offering a real slice of the alternative.

August Wells' music has just begun to make its mark, but already has been described as; “strange other worldly chamber music”, “Sinatra singing Lou Reed songs” and “a secret marriage of Willy Nelson and Lee Hazlewood”. It could also be described as songs to walk across your troubled heart with . .
Jaye Bartell
Jaye Bartell
Massachusetts native Jaye Bartell is an indie singer/songwriter with both nostalgic and experimental inclinations. He settled in Asheville, North Carolina in the early 2000s to take advantage of the city's thriving music scene while working on literary pursuits. After a certain amount of drifting he relocated to Buffalo, New York in 2006, where he released his first album, 2008's Feeling Better, Pilgrim, a work of indie folk that incorporated field recordings and looping effects. His second release, The Dog's Dinner, arrived after a move back to Asheville in 2009 and featured collaborators including guitarist Shane Parish of Ahleuchatistas. Recorded with musician J Seger, the EP Elation followed in 2012, and Parish, Seger, and Emily Easterly joined him on 2013's Loyalty. Recalling names like Nick Cave and Patti Smith, it was released by Headway Recordings. Bartell moved to the Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint later that year and began writing material for his next album, which took inspiration from his new environs, the theme of "resettlement," and relevant works by writer Spalding Gray, among other literary influences. The songwriter signed with the Sinderlyn label, which reissued Loyalty in 2015 before the acoustic guitar-centric full-length Light Enough arrived in the spring of 2016. Featuring a more expansive palette, In a Time of Trouble a Wild Exultation followed in October 2017. He released the EP "8 Covers" in January 2019, including songs by Yoko Ono, Will Oldham, Carly Simon, and Broadcast.
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Bowery Electric
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