June Pastel, castle og, The Shrimps

June Pastel

castle og

The Shrimps

Mon · December 17, 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

June Pastel
June Pastel
Conceived in Salt Lake City, and realized in Baltimore, June Pastel is the work of Anthony Peña. A Venezuelan-American whose music stretches through the intersections of indie, pop, jazz, and chamber music, June Pastel sits at the rare transitory space only available through processes of growth and motion.

On the band’s debut single “Without a Phrase,” Anthony explores the kind of smooth and dreamy indie rock that brings to mind Wild Nothing, and Craft Spells, with a little bit of jazz weaved in for good measure. It’s the perfect primer for not just the band, but the album to come.

Set for release this summer, June Pastel’s forthcoming debut album finds Anthony amassing an eclectic group of musicians with roots that stretch beyond the confines of genre. Each of these worlds builds the collaged moment-to-moment vocabulary within the June Pastel universe. For Peña, June Pastel is all about community: his songs are bases upon which his musical collaborators may find their own expression, around which relationships may form. June Pastel is a first—and important—step by Peña away from solo work, and into the communal ecology of creating with others
castle og
castle og
castle og is a band from Richmond, Virginia.
The Shrimps
The Shrimps
The SHRIMPS - a two brother acoustic rock band

The SHRIMPS are a self-contained songwriting
and performing team,
playing around the world from their headquarters in Manhattan, New York.

The SHRIMPS have secured attention with each move they have made
- winning over every audience.
With radio play and award-winning discography,
The SHRIMPS find themselves inevitably prepared for
larger exposure.
Venue Information:
The Map Room at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003