Meyru, BEX, The Depth And The Whisper, Michael Mason (DJ Set)



The Depth And The Whisper

Michael Mason (DJ Set)

Thu · December 6, 2018

7:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

Downtown New York City indie rock band
The Depth And The Whisper
The Depth And The Whisper
"That's it! Perfect!"

Albert Bickley and Dave Tanner do not believe the world owes them anything, but they know that they have something to give her. The two songwriters and musicians - Albert on guitar and Dave on bass - met in 2010 in the music scene of Kansas City, where they both had been active for several years. "When my last band broke up and I wrote new songs again, I immediately thought of Dave," Albert remembers "I wanted his bass. I just told him to come over when you have time. He played the demos, we listened to it and just said, 'That's it! Perfect! '"This feeling is very rare." Dave confirms:" We immediately had great respect and reverence for each other. We are both at the moment. And our music satisfies a deep need in us. We complement each other, we get better. And by that I do not just mean the music. "Because since then an extraordinary friendship has grown between them. "Albert and I started a conversation back then," Dave explains, "and it never ended."

"Everything honest and genuine."

‚ÄčThe result is a sound that truly has the same passion and passion for songwriting as the great pairings of rock history. The Depth and the Whisper have spared no effort in implementing their musical ideas, whether with sophisticated arrangements or rousing solos, resulting in these ten intense songs. They are never imitators. Many work in the spirit of classic rock, but at The Depth and the Whisper you hear every moment and every note that these songs are not written out of a retro-thought. Each track is inherently timeless, not in trends, but in impeccable craftsmanship, genuine inspiration and love of music. From rock, blues and pop emerged such great songs, with reveling voice, driving riffs and no fear of epic moments. If it rocks here, the listener immediately gets it when you hear a ballad, you lose yourself in its beauty. Everything is direct, but never easy. Songs for life, songs, to feel it. Whether alone on a wide road that leads to the horizon, or just with goose bumps in front of the boxes at home and big dreams and feelings in your head. Behind all the songs there is a clear attitude that Albert puts to the point: "Everything is honest and genuine." And despite all the associations with big names that awaken their album, "our music is us - it does not sound like Volume X. or Y, but after us. " In this sense, her debut has become a great gift to all who still want to hear - and feel - real music.
Venue Information:
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003