The Shrine, Liza Colby Sound, The Sweet Things, The Tip & The Hipp Pipps

Wendy Scripps Birthday Bash

The Shrine, Liza Colby Sound, The Sweet Things, The Tip & The Hipp Pipps

The Shrine, The Liza Colby Sound, The Sweet Things, The Tip, The Hipp Pipps, DJ Dina Regine, DJ Crystal Durant

Wed · July 18, 2018

7:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

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This event is 21 and over

The Shrine
The Shrine
The Shrine is an American Rock band from California.
The Liza Colby Sound
The Liza Colby Sound
"Part shaman, part seductress, Liza Colby was born to earn the Queen Of Rock N’ Roll mantle. Her music is for sinful Saturday nights, and redemptive Sunday mornings. It’s heartbreak music; it’s music of sexual liberation; it’s music for when it matters most. It’s The Liza Colby Sound. It’s the music we need in these times.

Imagine Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden meets James Brown at the Apollo. Picture Tina Turner prowling the stage like Iggy Pop with vocals that conjure Aretha Franklin and Humble Pie’s Steve Marriott. Hyperbolic? Nah, come to a show, and look out for The Liza Colby Sound’s upcoming EP, DRAW.

“When I sing, I want it to be badass, feminine, empowering, and ooze sexuality,” the New York City-based artist says. “I want to kick mother#$&ers in the face with rock n’ roll.”

The Liza Colby Sound is known for an aesthetic that harnesses the grit of garage rock, the anthemic power of classic arena rock, the sweat-soaked salvation of a soul revue, and the sneering defiance of punk rock. Liza’s vocals are boldly vulnerable, shaking the rafters and rattling your soul. LCS sound has toured throughout the East Coast, performing in venues such as Webster Hall, Bowery Electric, PNC Bank Arts Center, The Wellmont Theater, and Jones Beach. LCS has also performed to a packed house at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles. To date, the rock n’ roll quartet has issued two EPs, previous releases include the well-received High Yellow (2011) and Live(2013).

The Liza Colby Sound includes a trio of musicians who have played for almost two decades. These formidable instrumentalists boast impressive resumes that include working with Ozzy Osbourne, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, Raging Slab, Suzanne Vega, Garland Jeffreys, Lenny Kaye, Jim Carroll Band, the Del Fuegos (featuring Dan Zanes), The Paley Brothers, Denis Leary, and Joey Ramone, among other well-known names. These all-stars are also known for scoring music for film and TV, most recently they’ve contributed to the Denis Leary show Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.

The core of The Liza Colby Sound is Adam Roth guitar, Alec Morton bass, and C.P. Roth drums. December 2015, Adam passed away after a brave battle with cancer. LCS has remerged with fiery psychedelic guitarist Tom McCaffrey (Gloria Gaynor and Liberty DeVitto) as a full-fledged member.

Outside of The Liza Colby Sound, Liza has lent silk and sandpaper vocal stylings to Enrique Iglesias, Denis Leary John Legend, The Gold Setting, Johnny Burgos, The Sweet Things, Chris Rock's movie Top 5 (which featured her song “It Ain’t Easy”), Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (she’s the singing voice of Elaine Hendrix). In addition, Liza’s voice has appeared on ESPN, VH1, NASCAR, and Sesame Street.

DRAW channels the power of LCS live. The 4-song EP crackles with fiery musicality, muscular grooves, and moments of reflective soul-ballad beauty. The leadoff single, “My World,” explodes open with an iconic, instantly recognizable guitar figure. This future smash is a gritty and seductive pop-rock number that explores the expanse of female sexuality from dominant to submissive with relentless moxie. On the track, guitarist Adam Roth turns in solos that evoke honey dripping down on naked bodies. The simmering soul waltz “I Love You” conjures the longing of being desperately in love with someone who is going to leave and the cocksure “Cryin”.

The EP is a tribute to the tenacity of The Liza Colby Sound, and it also represents a brave new future. “The title ‘DRAW’ means it’s time to pull the trigger.” Liza says with graceful defiance. “We will Mach Schau.”
The Sweet Things
The Sweet Things

The Sweet Things sling timeless rock n’ roll served up from the streets of the East Village New York. It’s arena aspirations realized by bar band moxie.

The band formed in 2015, forging a bond based around The Rolling Stones, Johnny Thunders, Izzy Stradlin, old country and blues, and a love for arena rock. There wasn’t a game plan—it was just about the music. The guys had been in various punk bands, and this was a chance to do the music they loved as kids.
After three rehearsals, they stumbled into the studio, the music and whiskey flowed, and they recorded some foundational demos—what came out was natural.

Since that fateful session, The Sweet Things have released singles on Lanark Records and Spaghetty Town Records. Their debut single, “Love To Leave,” was named “Song Of The Week” in Steppin’ Out Magazine. The Sweet Things have performed at The Webster Hall Marlin Room, The Bowery Electric and Beast Of Bourbon, among other venues. Select live highlights include sharing the stage with Toilet Boys (sold-out show), Faster Pussycat, The Dead Daisies, a feature on local news channel NY1, a videoed jam with Jyrki 69 that wracked up 13,000 views in 4 days, and L.A.M.F. (featuring members of Blondie, The Heartbreakers, The Replacements, and The MC5).

The Sweet Things are: Dave Tierney (The Sharp Lads), Lorne Behrman (The Dimestore Haloes, L.E.S. Stitches, The Dead Tricks), Sam Hariss (Stiletto), and Darren Fried (Mazard, Tongue). More often than not, The Sweet Things have been joined onstage by Liza Colby, an Iggy Pop meets Tina Turner force of nature who fronts her own rock n’ soul powerhouse group, The Liza Colby Sound.

The Hipp Pipps
The Hipp Pipps
Rock And Roll , the way it used to be, the way it SHOULD be!
Venue Information:
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003