Snir Yamin, JOOL, COYOTE

Snir Yamin



Mon · May 7, 2018

6:00 pm


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Snir Yamin
Snir Yamin
"Snir Yamin is an Israeli Singer/Songwriter and multitalented musician
based in New York City. His Soothing vocals and smooth guitar playing
skills combine to form a coalescent mix of emotional tranquility. His “Urban
Stories” EP released in 2014, was described by Sputnik Music as a “must
have”, which gained tremendous attention on his promotional world tour.
From a tender age, Snir began his musical journey and has refined his
musical talents through live performances dedication and consistent
composing. Accumulating a solid fan base and notable success in Israel,
he steps into the spotlight of the USA. Continuously treating fans to
delightful sounds, Snir raised the bar with his latest EP entitled “Concrete
City” in 2016. Influenced by artists like John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Bon Iver
and Jose Gonzales, Snir Yamin aspires to bring positivity to his listeners
across the globe and spread his message to the world song after song."
" JOOL goes by the real name of Julia Vagapova. She was born in Saint Petersburg on June 2, 1995. She is the middle child of a houswife Valentina Ovchinnikova and a basketball player and a businessman Khalit Vagapov. Julia has two brothers: a businessman Simon Vagapov and a basketball player Timur Vagapov.
Back in Russia she has always been that type of kid who always had her whole day planned out with after school activities like music or art school, ballet, tennis, swimming, figure skating, gymnastics etc. Some of those sports she even did professionally for a while. There was the time when she was on an ice rink at 5:30 or 6 am, then went to school at 8:30, after that she went to the ballet classes, followed by art or music school. She did most of her homework in the car, she ate in the car, she changed her clothes in the car.
Even though Julia has tried out a lot of different types of activities, it was music and only music that got stuck with her forever. In school, in camps she participated in all kinds of music contests and couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else.
After graduating from high school in 2012 JOOL got an opportunity to study in Saint Petersburg State University with Social Studies as a major for free. And even though her heart never lied with this field, she took the the chance to have a degree. However, while still studying in school, she moved to Moscow on her senior year, where she had lived for almost 2 years. She managed to graduate, while living and working in the capitol of Russia as an art director in restaurants, while still trying to find herself in music.
Finally, she met a couple of like-minded musicians, who helped her create her first release: an EP called W8. W8 (meaning “wait”) is the word that is close to her and her life. Though she has been trying to succeed in the music industry and she has made a lot of attempts in the field, she knows she has to wait for the right time and place for this puzzle to actually come together. It means that you absolutely have to do whatever it takes to reach the point of life you’ve been dreaming about, but you still have to wait for the right moment for when all of your hard work starts to actually pay off.
After releasing W8 in the end of May, 2017 she has presented it to the public on her birthday on June 2 and got a wonderful reaction from the audience. She gave a couple of shows in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and later the same month Julia finally moved to New York City, where she is living now, working hard and waiting for the right moment to rise to the musical Olympus.
"JR & AJ are COYOTE, a rock duo rooted in simple riffs, gritty chords, honest vocals, and a brook-no-nonsense beat to hold it all together.

A little less bluesy than The Black Keys or Band of Skulls, with just a touch of pop you might hear from The Killers, COYOTE deliver a contagious amount of energy to the stage, and sincerely hope you’ll share in their joy.
Venue Information:
The Map Room at The Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003