The Connection, The Eck's Men, Spanking Charlene, The Bad Larrys

The Bowery Electric Presents

The Connection

The Eck's Men

Spanking Charlene

The Bad Larrys

Fri · May 11, 2018

6:30 pm


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The Connection
The Connection
Straight from the shanty seaside towns of East Coast USA right into your stereo speakers burst THE CONNECTION – New England’s Newest Hit Makers. It’s quite a statement, but these fab skinny tie sportin’ boys can prove them selves, and the proof is in the music… all hits! Three minute modern beat anthems presented to you on a platter of pop perfection. Just listen to THE CONNECTION and try not to dance, smile and have an absolutely far out time. You see the magic is in the grooves. In no time at all, you will be getting hip to what these boys deliver – straight up hits, baby. I should know, having seen the group arise from its inception out of drunken smoke filled nights, listening to HARD DAYS NIGHT and Rockpile’s SECONDS OF PLEASURE. THE CONNECTION wear their influences on their sleeves – and those sleeves have been pleated and dry cleaned for optimum pop potential.

So we keep hearing that they are all the rage, but who are these chaps? And furthermore do they really have what it takes to call themselves HITMAKERS? Well, of course they do and I’ll tell you why! Take singer BRAD MARINO, his calm and cool vocal delivery has a way of swooning all the hip girls into a frenzy of Beatle Mania hysterics, and GEOFF PALMER with his twangin’ 6 string cuts through like a knife into the delicious rock n’ roll pie. Rounding out this chic squad is ANDY CASEY laying down the rhythm with his groovin’ bass, keeping tight order with every foot stomp of his Cuban Heels and CHRIS FAULKNER hittin’ the skins with precision. There is no doubt when these four get into a room, the music that they make can be considered nothing more than the best. Live and in person – the hits become even more apparent. Don’t miss these boys when they come rollin’ through town… I’m talking about an instant shindig… a real mixer!

And now that you know about THE CONNECTION let’s bring it back to where it really counts. I’m talking about you, the listener. As you hold this record in your hands, think about quality, think about fun… think about pop HITS. And luckily for you, it’s all here in one place, eagerly awaiting a special home on your turntable. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you THE CONNECTION – “NEW ENGLANDS NEWEST HITMAKERS”. Dig it, you won’t be sorry. -- (

Kurt Baker Feb. 2012 Nashville, TN )
Spanking Charlene
Spanking Charlene
Spanking Charlene's sing about life and romance in New York City. Their sound combines the soaring vocals of Charlene McPherson with the band's hard driving guitar grooves.
Spanking Charlene’s soul-punk sound is a blend of singer Charlene McPherson’s dynamic vocals with the bands straight hard driving guitar grooves. Little Steve Van Zandt produced and released two Spanking Charlene singles (“Dismissed with a Kiss” and “Canarsie”), both were featured regularly on Van Zandt’s syndicated Underground Garage radio show.
Band members include: Charlene McPherson, Mo Goldner
The Bad Larrys
The Bad Larrys
"The Bad Larrys are a five piece proto-punk & psych-surf band based in Philadelphia PA. The quintet’s sound combines a love of classic surf rock and storytelling with the raw power of pre-punk rock and roll.
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