Alejandro Escovedo with Special Guests Ivan Julian, Joseph Arthur & Diane Gentile

Alejandro Escovedo with Special Guests Ivan Julian, Joseph Arthur & Diane Gentile

Jeremy & The Harlequins, The Hadleys

Wed · May 30, 2018

7:00 pm

$18.00 - $20.00

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Alejandro Escovedo
Alejandro Escovedo
Renowned songwriter, singer, true believer, Alejandro Escovedo released Burn Something Beautiful on October 28th, 2016 via Fantasy Records. The new album, Escovedo’s first solo endeavor since 2012’s highly acclaimed Big Station, is in actuality, a highly collaborative affair. Teaming with Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and Scott McCaughey (The Minus 5) to co-write the album’s songs, Escovedo also enlisted the pair to act as the project’s producers.

Escovedo and company take some mighty big swings here. At once a celebration of the rock and roll life, a contemplation on mortality, and the healing power of love, Burn Something Beautiful connects repeatedly with Escovedo’s soulful heart and voice at its core. Recorded in April at Portland’s Type Foundry studio, the project coalesced with the help of an esteemed group of musicians who give the album a genuine band feel. They include guitarist Kurt Bloch (The Fastbacks), drummer John Moen (The Decemberists), vocalists Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) and Kelly Hogan (Neko Case, The Flat Fie) as well as saxophonist Steve Berlin (Los Lobos).

In a trailblazing career that began with The Nuns, San Francisco’s famed punk innovators, to the Austin-based-based alt-country rock pioneers, Rank & File, to Texas bred darlings, True Believers, through countless all-star collaborations and tribute album appearances and finally a series of beloved solo albums beginning with 1992’s acclaimed Gravity, Escovedo has earned a surplus of distinctions: No Depression magazine’s Artist of the Decade Award in 1998 and the Americana Music Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Performing in 2006, just to name two.

“You just do your good work, and people care,” Alejandro says. “I always believed, when I was a kid, that if you worked hard, you would find fulfillment. I think I got a lot of that from my father and my brothers. A working musician is all I ever wanted to be. Hard work, stay true to what you want to do, and then eventually someone would notice for that very reason.”

Co-producer Peter Buck says, “I’ve been a fan of Alejandro’s music for over 30 years, and recording with him was as good as I expected it to be. I think he, Scott McCaughey and I really extended our vocabulary as writers and musicians, coming up with something that is unlike anything we have done individually in the past.”
“I felt a real kinship with Alejandro since we first met in 1986,” Co-producer Scott McCaughey says. “We bonded over our mutual love of the rock & roll circus. Making this record really meant a lot to me, and I think people will get that when they hear it.”
Burn Something Beautiful is Alejandro Escovedo at his very best. His many gifts are revealed across a lifetime spent in dedication to and faith in the hard work of life and music…and its possibilities. Refusing to go unnoticed.
Ivan Julian
Ivan Julian
Born June 26, 1955
Joseph Arthur
Joseph Arthur
"Elegant and moving tribute to his late friend Lou Reed."

"Joseph Arthur does the near-impossible on "Lou" (Vanguard). He brilliantly summarizes the career of his friend, the late Lou Reed, not by using the usual music industry criteria, but emotional ones. Arthur's voice, especially when he creates a chorus of his own harmonies, serves as a knowing guide in this celebration of the Freeport native."

"…..these songs, drawn from Reed's extensive canon — both solo and as part of the Velvet Underground — are presented in stripped down settings consisting solely of piano and/or guitar, allowing a personal perspective that makes them all the more revealing. Arthur's attempt to — in his words — "bring out something unheard before" in order to reveal new perspectives succeeds admirably."

"Arthur pays stirring tribute to Lou Reed with heartfelt versions of 12 of Reed's songs flecked with nothing more than piano, acoustic guitar and the memories of his fallen friend."

"Lou [Joseph Arthur's album] offers a glimpse behind the curtain, both homage and a way to breathe new life into Reed's remarkably deep, but consistent, catalog for future generations to come."

"It's ["Lou"] beautifully bare, but Arthur's personal grief provides the real emotional pull."

"Going without drums and amps, Arthur tries not to disturb the dust motes swirling within the space he shares with the specter. "Lou" is not Arthur's fist in the air; it's his quiet fist-bump with every other bereft Reed fan."
Diane Gentile and the Gentle Men
Diane Gentile and the Gentle Men
Diane Gentile,currently has her own band called Diane and The Gentle Men, featuring Colin Brooks (Hurricane Bells), Jason Victor (The Dream Syndicate) and Matt Basile (ex-Mother Feather).

Playing shows to full houses in venues such as Rockwood Music Hall and Berlin in downtown Manhattan, the band soon ended up in a cool new studio built in an old firehouse in Redhook Brooklyn, called Atomic, where Interpol and Mark Ronson had recently recorded. Steve Wynn agreed to produce this first EP to be released through Velvet Elk/One Little Indian Records (Bjork, Dead Heavens, Twilight Singers).

The A-side, "Motorcycle" "was inspired by strumming a warn in 1957 Gibson drinking a glass of white wine and thinking about one of the new local heroes in town, who plays in a couple of bands, Threats/Drowners. B- side "Boyfriend" and bonus track "Wasted Word" were blasted through fast and loose in that instant one-day session.

The record was mixed by Clif Norell, (R.E.M., The Replacements, Bruce Springsteen) and the other tracks mixed by Merle Chornuk (Ryan Adams, Nels Cline), the owner of Atomic Studios.

With this first EP behind her, Diane began opening for acclaimed artists: Richard Lloyd (Television), Steve Wynn, Jesse Malin, Tommy Stinson, Jason Darling, Laura Cantrell and more.

The "Motorcycle" single was chosen by Little Steven for Little Steven's Underground Garage for "Coolest Song" program whereby the song was played in heavy rotation that lastest many weeks. The B-side "Girlfriend" was also featured.
The video has over 1000 views and the song is constantly hot on Shazam.

Diane and the Gentle Men just completed recording "Little Things" and "Perfect People", the new digital 45 they will release in November. The full album hits in January.
Jeremy & The Harlequins
Jeremy & The Harlequins
In today’s musical landscape inundated by cheap hooks and overproduced studio tricks, Jeremy & The Harlequins are here to keep the fire and spirit of rock’n’roll alive. That’s something the New York five-piece have been doing since forming just a few short years ago, both with their debut album American Dreamer (2015) and its follow-up Into The Night (2016). They’re continuing this approach with their third album in three years, entitled Remember This, which they started writing at home in New York, immediately after the recording of Into The Night.
The Hadleys
The Hadleys
The Hadleys are a Brooklyn, NY based sibling act that creates indie folk pop.
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