Stereo Off

Stereo Off

Late Slip, DethRok

Sat · January 20, 2018

7:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Stereo Off
Stereo Off
Stereo Off is an indiepop band from New York City, enlisting an eclectic roster from music scenes of London and the US. Modern electro and rock influences combine with a heavy dose of retro 80s and 90s vibes, to make Stereo Off songs as danceable as they are thought-provoking. Dropping their most recent EP "III" in 2017, lead singles "Sunsetting" and "Venir" are making waves with their mix of both the familiar and the wild. Having scored several indie film projects and released music videos 'Bullet Time' and 'Things We Do', and the forthcoming video for ‘Sunsetting’, Stereo Off are intrigued by sonic and visual arts alike. Hear them on Amazon, iTunes and your favorite streaming sites...
Late Slip
Late Slip
Late Slip’s Chelsea Nenni (guitar/vocals) hid in her apartment, wrote a bunch of songs, and decided to move to Los Angeles. Once in LA, she got a job at her fave independent record store, Amoeba Music, and met a musician pal who helped her record the Other Men EP.

Other Men got airplay on a couple local radio stations and the band gained traction with live shows all over LA. They even spent a night supporting iconic new wave / post-punk rockers, Missing Persons, at the famed Whisky A Go-Go.

Standing on that stage, where both Iggy Pop and Gwen Stefani had once stood, Chelsea knew she was ready to go back to New York City. The winters would be cold, but she’d have Iggy-Gwen stardust to protect her.

So, Chelsea moved all her shit back across the country and found a new band in Andrew B. White (bass guitar) and Daryl Cozzi (drums) within two weeks of being back in town. In their first gig together, the band opened for Fred Thomas who was James Brown’s bass player in the 1960’s. He sprinkled some funky pixie dust on them that night and it’s been magic ever since.
"On “Good Question,” the opening track of Deth Rok’s 2013 debut album Us & Them, Aaron Havill aka DethRok gets right to the point. Over a slow, steady beat and layered keyboard lines -- one low and warbled, one like a chiming church organ -- he inserts an apocalyptic snippet of a preacher's grim speech : “This is the time of the harvest. This is the time spoken of which is called the end of the world, and I am glad of it.” The track continues with more layered keyboard lines and near-monotone, vocoder-treated vocals. “Should we be saved from oblivion after what we’ve done?” Havill asks in the chorus, while synthesizer patterns dance and weave derisively around him in the ultimate anti-dance music display.
Equal parts nihilistic rock, sedated hip-hop, self-defeated goth and existential singer/songwriter folk music, Deth Rok is a bleak slap in the face to whatever passes for transgressive music
these days.
A skilled and experienced
programmer, engineer and producer who has worked at some of New York & New Orleans’ premier studios with legends like Ric Ocasek,
Faith No More and Jay-Z, and later at 13th Planet Studios with Al Jourgensen and Ministry, Havill has developed the songwriting and
musicianship to match his unsettling sonic vision.
""These are the sounds I hear in my head,"" states Havill regarding his compositions. “I just try to capture what I'd want to hear."" The claustrophobia, desperation and simmering rage comes from years of physical isolation, outsider status and depression that Havill endured as a social misfit who found little comfort in the rules of mainstream society. After parting ways with Ministry during the dissolution of 13th Planet in 2014, which Havill describes as ""a long, toxic story,"" he continues to release new music on his own label GraveStone Records."
Venue Information:
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003