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Royal & Toulouse

Chevonne and The Fuzz

Viv and The Revival

Fri · November 3, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

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This event is 21 and over

Chevonne and The Fuzz
Chevonne and The Fuzz
New Jersey natives Chevonne and The Fuzz deliver epic riffs, soaring vocals, sly lyrics and raucous hooks for a high-energy rock ‘n’ roll sound, with the added twist of two featured lead vocalists.
Frontwoman Chevonne Ricci has toured the world singing backup vocals for Lady Gaga and Estelle; she also performed on Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice. Frontman Chris Ricci offers raw, vocal grit to complement Chevonne’s clean power; his vibrant, knuckle-gripping stage presence is a core element in the band's raw and unique chemistry.
Guitarists Joey Hayek and Chris Bookstaver add fiery dual guitar melodies with plenty of crunch, while bassist Doug Hoekstra and drummer Nick Potters hold down solid grooves that keep heads nodding.
C&TF's hard-strutting, high-voltage live show will engage any audience and appeal to fans of all styles of music. From start to finish, the band's dynamic music & playful energy onstage creates a rock 'n' roll dance party vibe that is not to be missed.
Viv and The Revival
Viv and The Revival

“We're all here to change the world. We're here to shake things up. This is your moment, this is your time, this is your world, and this is your Revival.” This is the statement of an enigmatic young man, who has always been ahead of his time. Viv’s unparalleled early success has come to him so easily because he is doing exactly what he was born to do. He was born to play, “It was like when I first picked up the guitar. I was surprised at how natural it felt, like it was just meant to be. I was good at it and I didn’t quite know why,” explains singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer Viv.

Shortly after, Viv released his independent EP, which yielded numerous high-profile TV placements. With its incendiary lick and spirited energy, “Fire” fueled a prominent Bud Lite spot that ran during the Summer Olympics. Other placements followed including The Voice in the United States, Australia, and England as well as numerous ads and shows on HBO, NBC, MTV, CW, EPIX, ESPN, TeenNick, and more. His hit single “I Want It” lit up a Verizon commercial. His latest single “Hurricane,” with its “live fast, die young” sentiment, was just used by FOX to advertise the 2017 Super Bowl.

Viv’s musical journey began in Paris, France, where he was born to a father who worked as a professional drummer and a mother who used to manage bands in her youth. He was raised around musicians in recording studios, backstage on tour and with an eclectic record collection that included Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Michael Jackson, Prince and Bob Marley, which all made their way into Viv’s musical soul at a very young age. Viv started playing guitar at age eight, playing in bands at sixteen, and moving to Los Angeles to work as a session guitar player at nineteen, and he finally began writing and singing his own songs at the age of twenty-two.

In describing his sound, Viv says, “I'd say that I'm pretty versatile as far as musical styles that I try to use in my songs. I like to have a good message and I like to believe in my songs. Whatever I'm singing, I truly honestly believe in. It's eclectic, modern rock and pop mixed in with vintage classic sounds.” When asked about who he’d love to collaborate with, “I would love to write a song with Caleb from Kings of Leon. His lyrics and melodies are so inspiring to me, he comes from such an honest and authentic place. Bruno Mars would be incredible to work with. I think the sessions would be mad fun.”

Viv has accomplished more in a few years than many artists achieve in an entire career. He’s released an album on Republic Records. His music video for the super catchy, “I Want It” premiered on MTV Hits. “I’ve gotten to do a bunch of things that I never thought I would do. Playing on Good Morning America was surreal. Standing on the stages of huge music festivals, and performing in clubs that I grew up hearing the craziest stories about has been incredible. I got to play Jimi Hendrix’s version of the Star-Spangled Banner to a sold-out arena on live TV for Bellator MMA. That was a trip and a half, so crazy! I’ve been able to co-write with amazing artists and producers. I’m immensely grateful for every single thing that has happened so far on this crazy ride, and I’m even more excited for everything on the way!”

Viv has a batch of new songs that he can’t wait to share with the world. “I went through a terrible breakup a few months before starting these new tracks. That was definitely a huge inspiration, I was definitely able to write and let things out that I’ve never shared or said before in my music.” Though the topic of some of the tracks might be a bit heavier than Viv’s previous releases, he does not disappoint. Viv delivers a plethora of pop anthems that are radio ready and worthy of a stadium full of fans chanting the lyrics in unison.

Viv’s current goals include, releasing his new project, writing even more innovative and fresh material, and touring as much as possible so that he can see the world and share his music with his fans and cultivate new ones. “Anyone can have a revival on any day. There’s no reason to feel stuck. That’s the main message in my music, it’s a kind of escape. Remember that every time we wake up, we start again, a new beginning. Each and every person that reads this is a part of my journey, as I am a part of yours. Each and every person that reads this is a member of the Revival.” "
Venue Information:
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY, 10003