The Split Squad, Dressy Bessy, Palmyra Delran, Stupidity

The Split Squad

Dressy Bessy

Palmyra Delran


Sun · October 29, 2017

7:00 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

The Split Squad
The Split Squad
Conceived over cocktails, wine, and beers in 2011, The Split Squad is one of those "perfect storm" rock and roll bands that comes from a bunch of musicians who have done it all and have nothing to prove. While that may sound a bit boastful, the pedigree here covers about 140 years of collective rock and roll experience, from the most rarified of concert halls, down to the seediest of underground shit holes. These guys have both reveled and wallowed in it:

Eddie Munoz: Most famously known as the flash guitarist from LA's legendary Plimsouls, Eddie has more recently been spotted in Magic Christian (alongside Flamin' Groovies legend Cyril Jordan) and PA's power pop stalwarts Parallax Project. Eddie's "chaos theory" approach to rock and roll guitar is unique and immediately recognizable, yet squarely rooted in the timeless swagger of The Stones and The Yardbirds.

Clem Burke: Arguably one of the greatest living rock and roll drummers on the planet, Dr. Burke (Google that…it's cool) boasts a resume that starts at CBGB's in the 70's and ends at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As a founding member of Blondie and a highly sought-after session musician, Clem has experienced nearly every aspect of the music business, but still has more passion to "climb in the van and take it to the fans" than most musicians half his age. To put it bluntly, there is no one on Earth like Clem…

Michael Giblin: Bassist/singer Giblin is the mad scientist behind The Split Squad, having assembled the project after his current band, Parallax Project, had crossed paths with all of the others on various tours and recording projects. Known in underground pop circles as a member of the much loved 90's power pop trio Cherry Twister, Giblin has spent many years toiling away in the bowels of the music biz as a session bassist, band leader, producer, and generally good guy.

Keith Streng: Known far and wide as a founding member of one of rock and roll's greatest (and longest running) institutions, The Fleshtones, guitarist Streng sets a standard for passion and dedication that few are able to follow. 30 years on (and counting), The Fleshtones remain one of rock's greatest "sure things": never a bad show; never an off night. They are as dependable as they are exciting. His rock-solid musicianship, combined with his high-wire stage antics, combine to anchor one of rock's most joyful live experiences. He's had books written about him, and documentaries shot on him. In a word…an institution.

Josh Kantor: Keyboardist Josh Kantor brings the wildest diversity to the mix. As a member of Boston's Jim's Big Ego, and the critically acclaimed supergroup The Baseball Project (featuring members of The Dream Syndicate and R.E.M.), Josh has rubbed elbows with a number of rock luminaries, but he still manages to find time to excel at his day job, which just happens to be as the organist for The Boston Red Sox. Yes, THOSE Boston Red Sox. As such, Josh possesses a skill level and musical vocabulary that few can match.

The group came together in Boston in the summer of 2012 to record an album, which ended up being a raucous and hilarious good time. Produced by Scott McCaughey (R.E.M., Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows), the album features guest appearances by McCaughey, fellow rock & Roll Hall of Famer Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Hugo Burnham (Gang of Four), and Mike Gent (The Figgs). The resulting set of songs is a spirited and diverse trip through the influences and record collections of a ridiculously experienced set of musicians. And man, you should have heard all the stories….

Ladies and gentlemen….The Split Squad…
Dressy Bessy
Dressy Bessy
The release of KINGSIZED in February, 2016 marked Dressy Bessy's first studio album since 2008. The band then toured North America several times, playing many of their old haunts, reconnecting with some of their indie peers, but also connecting with a new generation of indie rockers.
"We weren't sure where we fit in when we started back and about half the tours we've done since the album were on our own, with local support bands," says guitarist John Hill, also of The Apples in Stereo. "In most cases we picked the openers, but many others were decided by promoters. We ended up playing with so many great young bands and made some really good friends."
In a chance meeting, Tammy Ealom, singer, guitarist, and songwriter of Dressy Bessy, met Mark Osman of the Lawrence, Kansas band Arc Flash. "I was outside The Replay Lounge in Lawrence and this guy walks by wearing huge old-school headphones," says Ealom, "I tapped him on the shoulder and said, cool headphones. We started talking and he ended up back at our show that night. The next time we came to Lawrence his band was on the bill and we met his band mate James Thomblison. Now a year later we've played about twenty shows with Arc Flash and consider Mark and James some of our best friends. They even fill in as our rhythm section sometimes, so I guess you could say we're band mates now too!"
It was this chance meeting that led the band to meet the folks at High Dive Records, where Osman works as A&R. Dressy Bessy had been looking for someone to release their Summer Singles series on vinyl. The Kansas City label seemed like a good fit for the release. The Summer Singles series includes four songs that were originally intended to be KINGSIZED album tracks.
Summer Singles & KINGSIZED marked a return to the band’s early recording approach. As Hill explains, “With our first two albums, we were a completely D.I.Y. operation, and we recorded everything at home. Then we did our next three albums in the studio. Three or four years ago, we revamped our home studio, so we could record complete works at home. Now we have the sound quality of a real studio without the time constraints. We have enough time for stuff to jell and enough time to work things out. The first two songs we recorded with our new studio gear were Love You Alice and Something To Love, the lead tracks from Summer Singles Volume 1 & 2.”
While Summer Singles & KINGSIZED feature some of the most focused, organic music Dressy Bessy has ever made, the new songs are consistent with the pursuit of joy and transcendence that’s been the band’s mission from its early days in its hometown of Denver.
Although such seminal Dressy Bessy releases as Pink Hearts Yellow Moons, The California EP, SoundGoRound, Little Music: Singles 1997-2002, Dressy Bessy and Electrified earned the band an enthusiastic fan base with their effervescent, uplifting pop tunes, they also caused some observers to miss the tougher edge of Ealom’s lyrics.
“All of my songs,” she reveals, “come out of some sort of personal turmoil, or they’re me getting back at someone. But I think people hear our name and see our artwork, and they think of us as some kind of bubbly cartoon.”
Now that they’re back in action with some of their strongest music to date, Dressy Bessy is happy to be back at work. “I feel like we’re just starting to get good at what we do,” Ealom states. “We’ve had a lot of time to hone in our sound, knowing what we want to sound like and figuring out what we need to do to get that. I’m really excited about the future.”
Summer Singles Volume 1 & 2 will be available on vinyl for the first time August 18, 2017 on High Dive Records.
Palmyra Delran
Palmyra Delran
In the last days of 2005 Stupidity was formed in Stockholm, Sweden by former members from the bands Eager Beaver and The Cool Jerks. They took the name “Stupidity” from the great Solomon Burke song, a common favourite of them all. The bands first recording was a four song demo in september 2006 and they also played their first gig in november the same year. In February – March 2007 they started recording new songs and doing a number of gigs.

In April-June 2007 they went back into the studio and recorded the rest of the songs for the coming album. The album titled “I need you…like a hole in my head”. In June 2008 Stupidity toured the USA for two weeks, doing shows and radio in three states.

After the tour Stupidity was discovered by Little Steven Van Zandt (from Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band & The Sopranos) who in August named their song “Girl Named Moe” the coolest song in the world on his radio channel The Underground Garage. The second album “Illegal U-Turn” was released in June 2009, the band backed it up with shows in Europe and USA.

The third album “Move” came out in June 2011, and it was followed by shows in Scandinavia and a US-tour.

In October 2013 Stupidity released the single “King Midas / Some Kinda Love” the first one from the album ”Fore”, to be released in 2014. The single became “Coolest Song In The World” on Little Steven’s Underground Garage December 8th 2013.

King Midas was also be featured on the soundtrack to Series 2 of the TV Series Lilyhammer starring Steven Van Zandt, that started screening on Netflix and local channels from December 13th 2013.

Stupidity´s fourth album “Fore” featuring the single “King Midas” was officially released on Go Fast Records and available for purchase from June 2014. In August 2014 the song “Baby It’s You” from the album became “Coolest Song In The World” on Little Steven’s Underground Garage!

Stupidity could also be seen in one episode of Lilyhammer, season 3, doing ”King Midas” on stage, and the song ”Baby it´s you” from the Fore album was also on the soundtrack, as well as the song ”Last Night” from the bands first album.

In the beginning of May, 2015, Stupidity once again went into the studio. This time to record the new single “Get Up” for release in September the same year. “Get Up” was also chosen as “The Coolest Song In The World” first week of September 2015, by Little Steven´s Underground Garage. The fifth Stupidity song over the years regarded with this title.
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