Sally Can’t Dance

In a time when everyone says New York City is dead, all the artists, outlaws, and anything fun has been forced to the outer boroughs–a group of friends and instigators have decided to come together to start a monthly rock ‘n’ roll party – Sally Can’t Dance. It’s a night to bring all the tribes together, dressed up and messed up, for decadence and debauchery on the dance floor. This is a place for fast kids and old pros, drag queens and young punks, glitter glam and doom.Hosted by Michael T. (Oh You Pretty Things/Motherfucker), Jesse Malin (D Generation), Johnny T. (Motherfucker), Howie Pyro (GreendoorNYC), Sophia Lamar, Formika (Squeeze Box), Alix Brown (SoHo Grand), and Cynthia Ross (‘B’ Girls). Go-go girls and boys shake it loose up on the bar into the wee hours on both floors, with a slew of glamorous hustlers.

“Get off the phone”, get out of the box, and come join the craziness at our Sally Can’t Dance party!